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A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support our elder who has suffered extreme financial and emotional loss defending himself against malicious and false claims.  Please join with others in solidarity with our elder on his—and our—shared healing journey.  All proceeds go directly to Walter and Deborah Cooke to assist with their recovery.


Walter Cooke/ Chii-kaa-shky "Star Watcher" was born in Berens River, Manitoba. He is Oji-Cree and a member of the Bear Clan. He has been living on Mississauga/ Six Nations Confederacy territory since 1981, serving the community using cultural knowledge and traditional spiritual practices—all while nurturing healthy child and family connections.

In January 2016, Elder Walter was falsely accused and charged with a crime he didn’t commit. After 13 months, justice was finally served in February 2017 when he was acquitted.

The cost has been personal but also communal. This website is being offered as a Healing Space—one where the community can gather to focus on healing and moving forward. You are invited to enter this space with an open heart, mind, and spirit. Please join with others in solidarity to continue on the Red Road with our elder on his—and our—shared healing journey.

I don't hate anyone for what's happened. I talk to the Creator all the time. I pray to the Creator to help me strengthen myself and I pray for the people that done this to me. The Creator helped me to look at it in a different way... go to the water and put tobacco into the water and talk to the Creator, it'll help.

Elder Walter's gratitude for the passionate and on-going support from friends, colleagues, clients, and other Indigenous and Settler community members is immense. It has given Elder Walter and his family strength knowing that they are supported by you all.


walter braid

About Our Logo

It represents our elder who is Bear Clan. From the centre of the circle, he holds the teachings of the medicine wheel... you can see the four colours. He has been through so much, more than we'll ever really know. This logo shows him moving from the darkness into the light. That's what I want for him and what I hope for all of us—that we can all keep moving towards the light.

— Mitch Baird